Several Advantages of Blood Type Diet

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Millions of people are trying so hard to maintain their healthy lifestyle. They agree to take a diet as their main solution to have a good physical appearance. It is because of a good physical appearance is their most important thing to appear in their society. However, some diet programs not only have a purpose to keep your body slim, but also they have an intention to keep your body fit. Sometimes, it appears as an obligation to make your illness not too dangerous.

Since maintaining a healthy lifestyle can lead you into a better condition, you need to start this new strict rule for your own health.

One of the most well-known diets is called blood type diet. This is a condition when you decide to consume foods based on your blood type. In 1901, human’s blood types were divided into four kinds, which are A, B, AB, and O. Because of the antibodies contained in each type of blood is different, they will not be compatible with other antibodies from different blood type.

A research shows that these antibodies cause blood to clump. There are some foods that can make this thing happened too. This condition is called agglutination. When agglutination appears, the sticky blood will cause some dangerous diseases like liver trouble, cardio disease, diabetes and obesity. The advantages that you can get by doing this type of diet are different in each type.

A blood type diet can give you weight loss. It also can reduce the risk of a heart disease, liver disease, cancer, anemia, and diabetes type 1.

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Image by Ian Fuller via Flickr

For you who are have B blood type, weight loss and the high possibility to not get a diabetes type 1 are your primary benefits. The reduction of the risk to get Lou Gehrig’s disease, lupus, and chronic fatigue syndrome is possible if you consistent doing this diet.

For AB type, the reduction of the risk to get anemia, cancer, and heart diseases is its primary concern.

Last but not least, for people with the O blood type, they can prevent blood clotting disorder, arthritis, ulcers, hypothyroidism and also asthma.

It cannot be denied that blood type diet can give a huge contribution to our life. It keeps us away from some dangerous diseases. It makes our physical appearance to appear better too. By doing this thing, it is definitely that our life will be much better and easier to live in.