Blood Type Groups For Blood Diet

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Blood Type Groups For Blood Diet1 Blood Type Groups For Blood DietOnce one the television program was devoted to blood groups and blood group diet, diet popularity has increased ten times and is ready to compete with the best known diets. 

Very popular diet has brought its simplicity, no longer need to calculate calories, as in many other diets.

According to the canons of the blood group diet, just eat the foods that people should eat according to their blood. Our ancestors appeared about 100,000 years ago in an area of central Africa. They were harvesting, hunting and mainly ate meat. At that time there was only one blood group – the first.

Around 25,000 years ago, our ancestors learned to farm, and consequently there have been changes in the diet of man, apart from protein foods (meat), he began to use plant food. As a result of changes in dietary habits, formed a second group of blood.

Around 15,000 years ago, people started breeding domestic animals. In the diet appeared milk and milk products, and then there was a third group of bloodAnd the appearance of the fourth group of blood occurred very recently (about 1500 thousand years ago) due to mixing of the second and third blood group.

Diets for blood groups

Diet for blood group a

A Type 0 blood group (I group) – “The Hunter” This group blood – the oldest. From her place in the evolution of other groups. 

33.5% of the population belongs to this type. Strong, self-sufficient leader.

Diet for blood group two

2 blood group type A (II group) – “farmer” This type originated in the transition from the ancient way of life (hunters) to a more settled, agrarian lifestyle. 

37.8% of the world’s population – members of this type. 

Characteristic traits – persistence, sedentary life, a good adaptation to the team work organization. 

Diet for blood group 3

3 Type B blood group (III group) – “Nomad”

Approximately 20.6% of the population. 

Balanced, flexible, and creative. This type of migration is the result of races.

Diet for blood group 4

4 Type AB blood group (IV group) – “Mixed”

7-8% of the world’s population. 

This blood type is the result of the evolution of a merger of two opposite types – A and B blood group.