Diet for Blood Groups

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Diet for blood groups1 Diet for Blood GroupsIf you do not want to restrict your diet, and would like very much to lose weight, it may be right for you diet for blood groupThe diet gained in popularity now, precisely because of the blood type diet – it’s  healthy nutrition, and not limitation in the food.

Just keep in mind that if you want to lose weight fast, then this diet is not for you. Diet for blood group will help you enhance your metabolism, regulate the work of cleaning and excretory systems of the body and as a result a decrease in your weight, or more precisely, adjusting weight back to normal. 

Your weight will be what it should be.

As you know, not a short path is to lose weight, but the effect will be much more disruptive than after the application of express diets . You can customize the work of your body and it will later be you, without reminders, and diets to get rid of unwanted toxins, excess fat.

The main idea of the blood type diet is that people should eat the foods that were at the time when his blood appeared.


Diet for the first group of blood

The first blood group (hunter) is the ancestor of the other groups. And as in ancient times, people ate mostly meat, if you have the first blood and now must give preference to meat. The representatives of this group of blood have strong digestive system, a well-developed immune system, is designed for efficient metabolism and preservation of nutrients.

A weakness is the poor adaptability of the organism to a change in diet, potential allergies, increased gastric acidity.

Diet for the holders of the first group should be in high-protein, ie, with a high content of meat and fish.

Recommended: meat (except pork), fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits. Best bread – rye, wheat from the diet to exclude.

Restrict the use of cereals, wheat and its products. Beans and buckwheat used with caution.

Avoid: Cabbage (except broccoli), wheat and all products of it. Corn and all products of it. Pickles, ketchup.

As for drinks, we recommend green tea, herbal tea from rose hips, ginger, mint, cayenne pepper, licorice, lime, seltzer water.

Avoid coffee, strong drinks, aloe, St. John’s wort, senna, echinacea.

If you want to keep your weight normal, then you should eliminate from the menu: fresh cabbage, beans, corn, wheat and any products of it, citrus fruit, ice cream, sugar and potatoes.

Should eat fish and seafood, iodized salt, meat, especially beef and mutton, vegetables, salads, and spinach.


Diet for a second group of blood

The second group of blood (the farmer) has emerged in humans by changing lifestyles more sedentary. People began to farm, eat vegetarian food, and so today the owners of the second group of blood should give preference to just such a diet.

Holders of the second group of blood can successfully apply any vegetable diet.

Weaknesses of this blood group is the increased sensitivity of the nervous system, a weak immune system.

We recommend a complete vegetarian, you can eat any fruits and vegetables. 

Moderate: fish (except seafood), dairy products and low-fat cheese.

As for drinks, we recommend coffee, green tea, red wine. Preferably use carrot juice , pineapple, cherry. Orange juice and black tea should be deleted.

To lose weight will help vegetable oils, vegetables, pineapples. Should abandon the use of any meat, except chicken. Avoid spicy and salty foods.


Diet for a third group of blood

The third group of blood (nomad). Arose as a result of this type of migration of races. Characterized by a strong immune system is highly adaptable to changes in your diet.

Holders of the third group of blood can afford any diet. 

Since the “Nomads” are omnivores, we can afford any combination of products, mixed diet. 

The only exceptions are seafood, pork and chicken.

As for drinks, we recommend green tea, herbal infusions. Juices can be used, but not tomato.

For weight control, exclude from the diet corn, peanuts, buckwheat, wheat, pork and tomatoes.

Found that people who have the third group of blood, live long and rarely complain of health.


Diet for a fourth blood group

The fourth group of blood – is a mixed type. It arose as a result of mixing of the previous blood groups and combination weaknesses of all types.

Mixed diet is recommended, excluding red meat and seafood. 

Not recommended spices, sour fruits.

For weight loss should not resort to a rigid diet, you just need to reduce consumption of meat and increase consumption of vegetables, to reduce daily consumption of products made from wheat and wheat flour.

Helps to reduce weight eating fish, dairy products and green.

As for drinks, we recommend coffee, tea, vitamin herb infusions.