Eat Right for Your Blood Type

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Human beings have four different types of blood groups. These blood groups are A, B, AB and O. Some nutritionists have argued that the kind of diet which is supposed to bring optimum health in a person is different from one person to the other and it is determined by individual blood group. This means that a healthy nutrition for a person with blood group AB may not be a healthy diet for a person of blood group O. By understanding the relationship between healthy eating and blood groups, one can be able to maintain optimum body health and at the same time maintaining the right body weight.

An individual blood groups is determined by certain genes and these are the same genes that determine the king of food material to be absorbed into the body. The proteins eaten contain chemical elements called lectins which dictate whether your body will accept that kind of food or it will reject it. If you continuously consume lectins that are not compatible with your body system, they might end up destroying your digestion system as well as body immunity. This will in broader perspective affect the way your body will metabolize different food materials in your body.

Those people who have blood group A have low acid levels in the stomach and they are more suited in feeding fruits and vegetables. When these people consume large portions of daily products, meat and legumes, they can easily become overweight. These people require regular body exercising to keep their body fit.

The members of blood group B will do well with daily products, lean meat, eggs, liver and green vegetables.

Their blood sugar levels keeps on fluctuating and they are resistant to insulin. Food that are rich in carbohydrates e.g. cereals can easily make them overweight and also expose them to diseases like diabetes. Moderate body exercising will be good for these people.

eat right for your blood type Eat Right for Your Blood Type
Those people who have blood group AB have high resistance to insulin secretion and also have low levels of stomach acids. Due to low insulin secretion, these people tend to have less blood sugar levels. It is therefore necessary for these people to have frequent small meals to sustain the body’s requirement of blood sugars. Fruits, vegetables and cereals will greatly help the members of this blood group. This people should avoid canned meat, kidney beans and wheat as these foods can make them overweight. Regular and relaxing body exercises will do them good.

Genetically, blood group O is the oldest blood group.

Members of this blood group have low insulin levels which make them prone to overweight and diabetes. The best food for these people includes proteins from poultry meat, lean meat and fish. These people should avoid cereals for example maize and wheat as these foods will make them add weight. Also legumes like lentils and kidney beans could lead to rise in blood sugar levels and therefore should be avoided. These people require rigorous body exercises to kip fit.

Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type

It is therefore important for everyone to know their blood groups which will help them in formulating their diet plan. Eating the right kind of food will ensure good body health and also longer lives.