What is Healthy Diet Blood Type?

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Apparently the diet by selecting food according to blood type himself, will be healthy, and it certainly, but if it has been diseased for years, still have to consult with your doctor so as not to be severe.

Because natural therapy is to establish a healthy body, but if it is not healthy, should be careful and take advice doctors.

Although a fairly new method is still debated by scientists, but has many followers. What are the weaknesses and strengths?

Obesity or excess weight does contain a lot of risk. In addition to body discomfort and less unsightly appearance, from the medical side is also not healthy.

Framingham Study data (United States) show that the weight increase of 10 percent in men would increase the blood pressure 6.6 mmHg, blood glucose 2 mg / dl, and cholesterol 11 mg / dl.

Therefore, if obesity allowed to continue, people can suffer from degenerative diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and others. Then it is clear that excessive weight should be reduced. Today there are many methods that are offered relating to how to lose weight. Starting from liposuction, dressings, herbal drink or drugs, steam bath, to manage your diet or blood type diet. The latter still has quite a lot of variety

Of course, each method has advantages and disadvantages of each. All depends on the conditions and needs of each perpetrator’s body.

Around the year 1996 in the United States introduced a new way with a diet based on blood type of the perpetrator. This diet was introduced by a naturopatis from Stamford, Connecticut, United States, named Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo.

In the process of socialization, this theory is reviled by experts, but also many people applied. Indeed some say that this kind of diet is beneficial. Well, what is a diet based on blood type and what the weaknesses and strengths?

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Research over the years of blood type indicate that there are physiological effects that arise due to lectins that enter the body. Lectins are proteins found in general food, especially seeds of leguminous plants.

Each protein is absorbed by our body through food / create, in his opinion, each of which is only compatible with certain blood types. If food is not suitable lectins with blood type, there will be danger.

The danger in the form of clumping of red blood cells. Process called agglutination by lectins is what lead to the emergence of many health complaints.

Related to this issue, the research done by checking each type of blood reactions to certain foods. Based on this research, he made a list of what foods are compatible with each blood type.

 What is Healthy Diet Blood Type?